SDG Movement on Water Action

For the first time since 1977, the United Nations is hosting a conference on the world's most precious resource: Water.

Between 22-24 March world leaders from government, business and civil society will convene in New York City for a historic opportunity.

The 2023 UN Water Conference brings all sectors of society together to accelerate action towards achieving SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation) and respond to the global water crisis exacerbated by climate change. Every actor has a role to play. By working collectively, we can make substantive progress towards a water resilient world.

To leverage the power of the private sector to advance water solutions, the global business community is coming together to support the SDG Movement on Water Action, whose centerpiece is the Business Leaders' Open Call for Accelerating Action on Water.

How Does My Company Join?
To be a part of the SDG Movement on Water Action and the Business Leaders' Open Call your company must submit a notice of support from senior business leadership, preferably at the C-Suite level. The form will be available starting 8 February, 2023.
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Why Should My Company Join?
Support for the open call is support for our collective humanitarian, environmental, and economic future. Committing to the SDG Movement on Water Action positions your company to accelerate global action on water and calls upon your industry peers to do the same.
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Which Companies Have Already Joined?
More companies are joining this important initiative every day. See the growing list.
Supporting Organizations
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The Enabling Conditions to Scale Water Action

The private sector has enormous untapped potential to advance SDG 6. The International Water Stewardship Community has prepared a joint statement. It outlines 6 key solution areas where business action can have the biggest impact, when supported by government advocacy and partnership. The joint statement identifies specific pathways for the public sector to help unleash that potential and is a companion document to the SDG Movement to Water Action and the Businesss Leaders’ Open Call to Accelerate Acition on Water.