Business Leaders Open Call to Accelerate Water Action

The global water crisis is accelerating, with grave environmental, social, and economic implications. To meet the scale of the problem, all sectors must be part of the solution.

At the historic UN Water Conference in March 2023, over 50 leading companies and founding partners united with the CEO Water Mandate's Water Resilience Coalition to join a shared vision: achieving collective positive water impact in 100 water-stressed basins around the world by 2030. That vision has evolved into a movement. More companies have joined, action is advancing, and additional initiatives are aligning with our shared ambition.

The Open Call welcomes all companies to commit to supporting the shared vision. Whether a conglomerate with a large value chain or a smaller enterprise within that value chain, the Open Call offers a pathway to action.

Together, we are building a water resilient world. Join the Open Call to get started today.

How Does My Company Join?

To join the Business Leaders' Open Call to Accelerate Water Action your company should:
  • Submit a notice of support from senior business leadership, preferably at the C-Suite level.
  • Click one of the Join buttons below to submit the notice of support through our web form.
  • Receive confirmation once your submission has been reviewed.

Note: UN Global Compact signatories that endorse the CEO Water Mandate and want to join the movement will receive recognition as participants in the Forward Faster - Water Resilience initiative.

Join the Open Call Today
Why Should My Company Join?

Joining the Business Leaders' Open Call to Accelerate Water Action will position your company to:
  • Address water risk across your company's value chain.
  • Identify opportunities to invest in efforts tailored to the basin context.
  • Coordinate joint action with other companies to scale up local benefits.
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to water action across your entire enterprise.
  • Unlock co-benefits that advance various aspects of your ESG agenda.
  • Leverage your company's voice to expand our reach and multiply our impact.

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Want to Learn More?
Explore the mechanisms behind the Open Call and connections with other aligned initiatives.

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Which Companies Have Already Joined?
More companies are joining this important initiative every day. See the growing list.

Supporting Organizations
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The Enabling Conditions to Scale Water Action

The private sector has enormous untapped potential to advance SDG 6. The International Water Stewardship Community has prepared a joint statement. It outlines 6 key solution areas where business action can have the biggest impact, when supported by government advocacy and partnership. The joint statement identifies specific pathways for the public sector to help unleash that potential and is a companion document to the Business Leaders' Open Call to Accelerate Action on Water.